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Netflix Vs. Amazon Prime Which one is Best

Netflix Vs. Amazon Prime Which one is Best
I've been using Netflix and Amazon Prime for a past few months. And I really enjoys the Web series they provide because they are addictive.

I really waste my lots of time on these platform, because whenever there are any new web series, I want to finish that whole series in one day.

And many of us are doing the same thing, But today we are here because we want to know which platform is best for web series content. It's very hard to choose sometimes between to things that for which we should go.

So, Here we'll talk about all pros and cons of these apps. because both are good, and compare their price list.


Netflix have a very rich content to show you, and very vast variety of web series
Netflix Picture

So many of us already know about Netflix, Because its vastly used by the western countries users.

Netflix has a very strong user base with 139 Million users worldwide. but this year Netflix record a decrease of 8% of its total consumer because of 1 Dollar price hike. 

But, After all these thing Netflix have to offers you a lot.


Content of Netflix is very addictive, and enjoyable
Netflix Content

In Netflix you can see a lot of web series, and many of them are very hit titles like Narcos, The Division, Stranger Things season 1,2,3, and The OA.

In content Netflix is very far ahead of its all competitor, Like I said before Netflix have to much to offers you.

It has so many latest movies to watch, and Netflix have its own movies collection which are also very good.

Netflix is now making regional content to attract more people across the globe, Like in India Netflix is making Sacred Games, Lust stories and Delhi Crime web series to attract local people of different countries.

If you are very curios about latest movies then Netflix is very good for or you love to watch latest web series, Then go for it.


Netflix is king in Video Streaming marking, Here's why

Price list of Netflix is a bit of expensive, and in past few weeks Netflix raises its price list.

Here is the price list.

  • Basic Plan -: $8.99/Month
  • Standard Plan -: $12.99/Month
  • Top Plan For High Definition on 4 Screen -: $15.99/Month

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best Video streaming app in the market
Amazon Prime Video Picture

After becoming a E-commerce giant, Amazon wants to capture the video streaming market, with its Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon is very good at selling, and they know how to sell their product, Amazon already have a very big user base on E-commerce platform.

Now Amazon is diverting some to its user to use its Amazon Prime Video, Amazon have lots of many attractive offers to attract its customers.

Amazon Prime Video is new in this race with Neflix.


So many movies on Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is very new in this Video streaming race. but still it has so many things to offer.

It offers you many movies, and with prime membership you can get Prime features on its shopping website, which sounds cool.

Amazon Prime Video offers you regional content more than Hollywood movies or anything. 

It best, If you prefer regional movies or show more than Hollywood web series.

And, If you are a Amazon Prime Video user than you have to wait for latest movies, because its slower than Netflix.

Sometimes its hard to find your favorite movies in the list, Because so many names are not in the list of Amazon Prime Video.


Amazon Prime Video is good in content here's why
Amazon Prime Video

The membership fees of Amazon Prime Video is similar to Netflix Standard Plan
  • Standard Plan -: $12.99/Month

So Here is the Comparison Between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Both video streaming app are very good.

And now you can easily choose, Which platform you should go for.

For any question please use the comment box.

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