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Which Is Best iOS or Android

Which Is Best iOS or Android

Which Is Best iOS or Android

Umm, If someone asks you that how many OS's are available there in the market your first and most common answer will be two, Android and iOS because Blackberry and Windows phones are history now.

Which is Better iOS or Android
Android vs. iOS
And no one wants to use a Symbian phone. So the two names iOS and Android have captured the smartphone OS market. And there is no chance in the present that there will come a new OS and will compete with these brands. 

A report was published in 2017 in which you can see that 99.7% of smartphones are running in these two Operating systems.

In the 21st century, I guess most people are using either Android or iOS. And every person who is going to purchase a new smartphone for himself/herself then most of the time people confused that for which I should go iOS or Android. 

So for solving this problem I've written this article. I hope after reading this article you will get a rough idea Which is the best iOS or Android.

Benefits of Choosing Android

which is best iOS or Android
credit: canva

1. Prices

which is best iOS or Android
Android Phones are Cheap
You can simply buy an android smartphone with a very small budget. Because there are so many companies that are making smartphones using the Android OS because those companies don't have their own Operating systems.

And using android as their operating system is cheaper because those companies don't need to spend their money on research and development. because of that, we can purchase an android with a very low budget.

There are so many companies in the market which are fighting for market share. They are just offering awesome features with low price tags because they have to compete with the other smartphone makers which are also making phones on android.

But if you want to buy an iPhone then you have to pay a very big amount for the same features a cheaper android phone can give. So the choice is yours if you have the money you can simply go for an iPhone

2. Customizations 

which is better iOS or Android
Customization is Best on Android

I'm an Android user so I can say that if you love to customize your smartphone according to you then you should definitely go for an Android device because there are so many options to explore in an android device.

I also love to customize my phone and, I am using Xiomi's smartphone in which you can customize everything. You can change the icons of your phone with just a simple theme.

And you can also customize your notification bar if you are using a Xiaomi, Vivo And Oppo's smartphone. and it's not over yet you can also customize your messages box in these smartphone and call logs also can be changed according to your choice.

In Apple's iPhone, you can change only a wallpaper on your phone which is not satisfying. If you want to show your creativity in your smartphone then you shouldn't go for an iPhone.

3. Google's Assistant

Which is best iOS or Android
Google Assistant is Best
A personal assistant looks so cool if it is completing all your tasks which you have given to the assistant. And Google's assistant is very smarter than any other AI assistant in the market.

There are so many assistants out there like Samsung's Bixby and Apple's iOS but they are not even close to the Google Assistant in completing tasks and google's assistant is way more knowledgeable than any other Assistant.

Why Google Assistant is more knowledgeable:- The reason behind it is that the assistant is powered by Google's search engine and anything you search on google assistant it will automatically do a google search and then you will get accurate answers very quickly.

If you are using an iPhone then maybe you could face some problems like it can't give you the exact answers which you are looking for. And it can't talk like google's assistant. Because google's assistant can talk with you like a human.

4. Universal Charging Port

which is best iOS or Android
Android's Universal Charger
If you love to travel or you are a person whose job is to go places every week than you should have a power bank. But what will happen if you forget to take your charger with you?

And your phone's battery is getting low then what will you do?
the simple answer is if you are an android user then you can ask for a charger from anyone because most of the people are using an android phone and they all have the same charger. 

But if you are an iPhone user then you need to find a person who also have an iPhone. Because battery issue is the most common issue in iPhone and you can't charge it from any charger. you need only an iPhone charger.

So again here is another reason why you should go for an android over iPhone.

 5. Innovation

which is best iOS or Android
Innovation in Android
We all know that there are so many companies in the market which are making phones on android OS. And competing in this smartphone market is very hard. So all these companies are investing their so much money in research and development R&D.

Because of this, we can see so many latest features in android devices from iOS devices at very cheap prices.

iPhone is all spending so much in R&D but this is the only company for iOS but for android, there are so many companies that are spending their money on android development. 

So because of this, we can say that if you are looking for so many good features without patience then you should look some android devices there are so many android smartphones with features iPhone doesn't have.

Benefits of Choosing iOS

Which is best iOS or Android
Why You Should Choose iPhone

1. High-Quality Apps

Which is best iOS or Android
High-Quality Apps in iPhone
In the quality of apps, there is no competition between android and iOS. Because every app which is available in the Appstore is made by keeping your phone in mind.

The reason behind it is that because there are only a few models in the market on which they have to run the app. and because of this every app works very good on your phone and works very smoothly.

But it's not the case in Android because there are so many smartphones on which android is running. And every smartphone have different hardware so for app developers, it's hard to make an app for android.

So if you are going to buy an iPhone then cheers!!! because you are going to have very good apps for use.

2. Camera

Which is better iOS or Android
Best Camera Quality on iPhone
I know that you are going to tell me now that there are Android phones which are providing camera quality like the iPhone even better from it. Because Google Pixel 3 camera is also very cool.

But everyone is not going for Google Pixel because it's also very expensive and many of us can't afford that. and some people think I also can buy an iPhone at the same price so why I shouldn't go for the iPhone.

But the reality is that if you are purchasing an affordable Android then your camera can't compete to iPhone or it can't go even closer to iPhone camera.

So if you are a photogenic person or love to take selfies on your tour then you should definitely go for an iPhone, because there is no phone which can compete with iPhone in camera.

3. Timely Updates

Which is better iOS or Android
Timely Updates on iPhone
If you are using an iPhone for a while now. Then you know about Apple's update. Because Apple provides updates to most of the devices and you can simply update your iPhone.

I really love Apple's updates stuff. Because I'm an Android user and my phone is still running on Android 7.1 Nougat which is very old now. there is Android Pie which is available for a very long time but still, I'm using Nougat.

If you want the latest Android with the release then you have to purchase a Google Pixel or Google product because there is no guarantee that you will definitely get the update if you are using any other companies' Android smartphone. 

So if you like the time to time updates with the latest security patches and brand new features then you should definitely go for an iPhone because you will get a 100% update guarantee.

4. Syncing

Which is best iOS or Android
Syncing on iOS is Easy
If you are using only Apple's product then it is a piece of cake when it comes to syncing. Because there you don't have to do too much a simple click on the simple app can do all you syncing in minutes.

But if you are using Android syncing will be not easy for you because google didn't provide us any good platform where we sync all our data to another gadget we have.

My brother is also having an iPhone and he also have a Macbook pro. So whenever he wants to transfer data he just needs to open an Apple Application and after doing a few steps all the work done automatically.

So if you are using multiple Apple devices and you transfer your data too much then you should go for iPhone or Apple product.

5. After-Sales Service

Which is best iOS or Android
After Sales Service of Apple
After-Sales Service of Apple is uncomparable. Because after a sale Apple never forgets its customer and always gives very awesome services after buying the phone.

But in Android, some companies just want to sell their phones and that's it. Those companies don't care if their customer is facing a problem and wants to solve them. Many companies which make android smartphone do this thing.

Apple thinks that customer is king and because of that Apple cares a lot of its customer after the sales also.

So if you want to enjoy the after-sales services then you should go for the iPhone. because no company can provide the services which Apple can provide you.


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